About Me

Hi!  I'm Forrest. I live in Missoula, Montana and love being able to explore mountains by foot, bike, or snowshoe.  Many of my favorite days include an early morning trail run followed by a long mountain bike ride. Montana seems to have a limitless supply of mountains to explore.

As a relative newcomer to the state I want to learn more about this place I now call home, so I have devised a way to force myself to explore the whole state over the next few years. I call it my Montana Mountain Project.

There are 64 mountain ranges in the state (according to Montana.gov) and I want to summit the highest point in each mountain range by the end of 2020. Along the way I hope to learn a bit about the geography, geology, history, and culture of the various parts of the state. I also hope to have some fun.

In addition to my mountain project I will keep working at Runner's Edge while my wife is in PT school, trailrunning, biking, and continuing to lead the active lifestyle that I enjoy living.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and share in my adventures.

Happy trails,



  1. Forrest,

    I am glad things are going well with you Missoula. I believe I read a trailrunner magazine article once about the "zoo". Sounded like a solid trail running town.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, posts, and writing about your hiking and running adventures. Please keep writing and posting.

    You are missed here by the folks at Kids Run Flagstaff.

    May you have a great winter in Montana this year, running through the snow clad mountains.


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